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Welcome to
JP Medical Publishers

JP Medical is committed to publishing information with clarity of text, design and purpose relevant to the busy medical professional and student at realistic prices.

We publish over 350 new health science books and journals every year written by authors drawn from international centres of excellence, and specifically designed to communicate knowledge in structured and accessible formats for medical and dental professionals at all stages of their career.


Book of the month
Practical Handbook of Fluorescein Angiography: Posterior Pole and Retinal Periphery
Marco Rispoli, Bruno Lumbroso
New & coming soon
Surgical Atlas of Transcanal Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Arindam Das, Sandipta Mitra, Sayan Hazra
Best sellers
Pocket Tutor Paediatric Clinical Examination, Second Edition
Keir Shiels, Rossa Brugha
Corneal Tomography in Clinical Practice (Pentacam System)
Mazen M Sinjab
MRCOG Part 1: 400 SBAs
Katherine Andersen, Tara Woodward, Ariadne L'Heveder, Laura Van der Krogt